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-I have permed hair. Are Mixed Roots™ products suitable for me?
Yes! The Mixed Roots™ range is ideal for permed hair and will really make your curls pop!
-I notice your products contain alcohol…?
Not all alcohol is drying and bad for the hair. Cetyl and Cetearyl Alcohols are  fatty and are moisturising.
-I have curly hair but I’m European are these products right for me?
Mixed Roots™ is suitable for everyone. The products are light, moisturizing and non  greasy – use a little at a time for shiny bouncy curls.
-My hair is relaxed. Will Mixed Roots™ products give me curls?
No, not if your hair isn’t naturally curly or permed. You CAN achieve temporary curls that will last a few days by using Mixed Roots™ products and following the guide for a twist-out or a braid out.
-How do I do a hot oil treatment?
Warm 2-3 table spoons of oil either for 20 seconds in a microwave or placing the bottle in a cup of boiling water for a minute or so. Spread the oil evenly through the hair as you would conditioner and sit under either a steamer, or put a shower cap on for 30 mins and cover with a hot towel. Wash off oil and style as usual.
-Why is mineral oil bad for my hair?
Mineral oil, despite the name is not a natural oil so it has no nutrients and does not penetrate the hair. It just sits on top of the hair, making it shine, but drying it out. Mixed Roots™ contains NO mineral oil.
-How often should I use Mixed Roots™?
All curls are different and have different levels of thirst! As a general rule, use liberally after washing and then use less in the days following. If you use our Curl Refresher Finishing Spray, you’ll find you need to use less of your lotion or custard.